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Not bad, check spelling

For your first serious animation project, I'm impressed. Make sure you create storyboards to fine-tune the angles and camera movement before you animate, but a job well done. Also, spell "fighter" correctly next time.


Nice effects and some sweet action, but if the only part of your "story" is conveyed through the korean text, it fails in that respect. People fighting with amazing super powers? Sweet. Random fades to noise and epic words like 'eternal' and 'revenge'? Okay... My suggestions are to work on timing and movement of characters throughout the screen. It was epic and all, but confusing and too fast. None of it conveyed your "story", but it was well animated. Keep working.

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Ventor33 responds:

Those words stand for the characters "Elements"

Blender is sweet...

This is okay. basic movements and dimension changing, but it would pay to hone those modelling skills. Then you will be able to animate anything! And nicely done for it being the first day of trying it out.

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Bax3r responds:

I really didn go through the modeling part im still trying to get the basics...The thing that catcht my eye was the basic skeleton thingy when you model your human/animal...

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Runs pretty slow, not good for something you want to be fast-paced. Otherwise, controls are predictable, music is great. I have no idea why I'm running, but I got a little enjoyment out of it.

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playchilla responds:

Hmm, do you have an old computer? Seems like sometimes it doesn't manage to make use of the GPU.

It's a start...

But at first I was like "cool loading screen! oh wait, its the game! Shit, I lost!" The beginnings of a good concept but could use some basic improvements like versatility of gameplay instead of just the one concept. Can't really say this is "addictive gameplay"

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A decent game...

I'm getting this vibe that it was made in Blender. Please confirm. A little frustrating when I couldn't jump while holding other keys. Was that some Zelda sound effects for beating each level?

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